Application of Neuromuscular Taping Tecnhiques in Lymphatic Drainage

The basis for the Medical Taping Concept was laid in Japan and Korea in the seventies. At the time, methods of taping were being developed starting from the idea that movement and muscle activity are essential in maintaining and recovering health. The idea behind this was that muscles are not only responsible for movements of the body but they also control, for instance, blood and lymph circulation as well as body temperature. If the muscles do not function properly, it can cause a range of symptoms and complaints.


17/09/2018 a 18/09/2018


Joaquim Coutinho




Woodlane - United Kingdom


Participants must have working knowledge in Lymphatic Drainage


The Medical Taping Concept CureTape application has the following objectives:

* Improving the muscle function by regulating muscle tone
* Removing any congestion to blood and lymphatic circulation
* Alleviating pain
* Supporting the function of the joints by:
– Stimulating proprioception
– Correcting the direction of movement
– Increasing stability
* Neuro-reflexive manipulation

The Medical Taping Concept is based on principles that are simple to learn, and the CureTape can be applied to any region of the body, as long as the physiotherapist understands the concept and is capable in the techniques.
Versatility is one of CureTape’s fundamental characteristics, and there are constantly new applications and combinations being discovered.

The Medical Taping Concept Lymphatic Drainage Course will cover lymphatic drainage in the following areas:

* Head and neck – post neck dissections
* Breast
* Pubic swelling
* Swelling at the top of the thigh and root of the limb
* Elbow region
* Scar and fibrosis taping


Day One – Morning

* Introduction to Medical Taping Concept
* Effects of Lymphatic Taping
* Primary and secondary lymphedema of the arm
* Lymphatic Taping of the arm and hand
* Applications various shapes

Day One – Afternoon

* Taping with anastomoses
* Lymphatic Taping after radiotherapy
* Primary and secondary lymphedema of the leg
* Lymphatic Taping of the leg and foot

Day Two – Morning

* Lymphoedema in facial area, with anastomoses
* Taping Diaphragm and abdominal complaints
* Taping of the gastric area, nausea during chemotherapy, motility, incontinence and constipation

Day Two – Afternoon

* Punch Tape Principles
* Punch tape application on the superior and


– Physiotherapist and Osteopath.
– Rehabilitation Physiotherapist in the University Hospital of Coimbra (HUC) and Lecturer at the School of Physiotherapy at the University of Aveiro in Portugal.
– Instructor of Medical Taping Concept for the past six (6) years
– Editor of the Brazilian Edition of “Medical Taping Concept Manual”, by Josya Sijmonsma
– Member and Lecturer of the APBN (Portuguese Association for Neuromuscular Taping)



15 horas


Monday – 09:00 to 12:30 hrs 12:45 to 17:00 hrs

Tuesday 09:30 to 12:30 hrs 12:45 to 16:45 hrs


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